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D.B SkinTech Innovation is a Israeli company, specializing in marketing and distribution of skincare diagnostics systems, as well as in development of advanced skincare technologies. In addition, the company offers business and marketing training for skincare professionals.

As a leader in the Israeli aesthetics sector, D.B strives to create innovative new products, which will meet the latest needs of skincare professionals and of their patients.

DERMA BOX is a big step in this direction. The next step is the development of a first-of-its-kind skincare diagnostics application for aesthetics clinics.

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Doron Barda

CEO of D.B SkinTech Innovation Ltd.

DERMA BOX Initiator & Creator

Mr. Doron Barda specializes in skincare for over a decade. As CEO of D.B SkinTech Innovation, he has managed the marketing and distribution of advanced skincare technologies to many of Israel aesthetics clinics, and has coached hundreds of skincare professionals in various marketing and operational aspects of their businesses.

While working hand-in-hand with skincare professionals and discussing their business challenges, Mr. Barda has identified an acute need for accessible patient-oriented information, which will bridge the knowledge gap between patients and skincare professionals in all stages of their interaction. To meet this need, he has initiated and created the DERMA BOX.

Mr. Barda explains: “The idea of creating the DERMA BOX was conceived when I witnessed, time and time again, how skincare professionals fail to clearly explain to patients their skin condition and the suggested treatment. Cosmeticians either offered patients complex oral explanations, using unclear professional terms, or skipped explanations altogether.

By developing the DERMA BOX I intended to provide skincare professionals with an accessible toolkit, which they can easily use for clearly and visually explaining to their patients all practical aspects of their cosmetic treatment, so as to facilitate patients’ educated choice of preferred treatment, to gain their full cooperation throughout the treatment process, and to ensure their satisfaction and retention”.

Marina Umansky

Biochemist, Expert in Skin Anatomy & Physiology

DERMA BOX Expert Content Consultant

Mrs. Marina Umansky is an expert in anatomy and physiology of the skin. She is a well-known international lecturer of dermatology and a leading figure in Israeli skin diagnostics. 

Mrs. Umansky is the source of all DERMA BOX professional content, and has validated the correctness and accuracy of its textual and visual explanations alike.