Customers Say

what our customers say

Tali Segev

Cosmetician for 15 years

Certified by the Israeli Medical Cosmetics College

“DERMA BOX is a mandatory tool in every skincare clinic. In patient consultations I can use the designated cards to clearly and visually explain to my patients their skin conditions and the available technologies. The concise explanation makes the relevant knowledge accessible to patients, and facilitates the sales process. 

Moreover – The DERMA BOX cards are always interesting to read. This is why patients can find the DERMA BOX in my waiting room. The information they find in the box garners interest in the various treatments I offer.”

Racheli Avigail Winestok

Certified cosmetician

Owner of a leading clinic for digital skin diagnosis, skin restoration, and anti-aging treatment

“I see DERMA BOX as a comprehensive encyclopedia of the skin conditions and the available dermatological and cosmetic technologies. 

This useful tool simplifies the (skincare) professional knowledge, and makes it available to both cosmetician and patient, in a clear, visual, and efficient way.”

Sharon Konforty

Certified cosmetician

Expert in Personalized holistic cosmetics

“I think of DERMA BOX as kind of a “wonder box”, allowing me to offer my patients an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive explanations.

When patients see a visual and clear illustration of a bothering skin condition alongside the possible cosmetic solutions, they realize that a rather simple treatment may yield impressive results”.